If you’re planning on heading to the local supermarket and you don’t want to get onto a busy bus that will make your day even longer  or wanting to head out to town for a night with your friends, Ferndown taxis are available all day, at your service. We offer an efficient and kind service that will make your journey that little less stressful!

We offer a second to none service

Our taxi drivers will take anywhere you wish to go as quickly as they can. Or if you are coming by a train and then get a taxi to get to your choice of destination, be sure to contact and our drivers will wait for you where you are coming to so you can get in straight away and be on with your travel to your destination.

We go the extra mile

But of course we do much more than pick up our customers up from train stations. We have taken them to ferries, wedding receptions and ceremony’s, restaurants or if you are planning on going out for the evening with your mates and want to have a few drinks, then be sure to contact fern down taxis so we can pick you up and take you home safe and sound.